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Yom Sheini, 4 Sivan 5777

ChanukahFamilyServiceRet400Family Learning programs, in which parents and children learn and grow together, are an important part of our curriculum. We offer Family Learning for young children up to second grade, whether or not they are students in our Religious School, through our B'yachad program. B'yachad events are run by Rabbi Panken, Melissa Pescatore, and our Early Learning Center Director, Jayne Lieberman, and offer families opportunities to sing, tell stories, do crafts and pray together as a way of learning about Jewish holidays and values. Family Learning programs are also an integral part of the Religious School program for grades K-6. For instance, there is a special third grade naming program in which students learn about their Hebrew names and how to write them using the Hebrew alphabet while discovering more about the people for whom they were named. Our sixth grade program is an opportunity for families to learn together about the meaning of Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Pumpkins, Pancakes and Prayer is one of our Sukkot programs, which offers a Shabbat morning pancake breakfast followed by a creative learner's minyan (prayer group of ten or more Jewish adults). We offer a number of other Family Learning events throughout the year, including a model family seder and other creative and fun opportunities for families to learn together at Temple Shaari Emeth.

Religious School Events

Tue 06/20/17 07:00PM - 08:00PM Religious School Committee Meeting

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The direct telephone number for the Religious School is 732-462-4245


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