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Yom Sheini, 4 Sivan 5777

Temple Shaari Emeth's Outreach Committee welcomes and supports any person who seeks to become better informed about Reform Judaism and Temple Shaari Emeth. The Outreach Committee is a resource for those who do not have a Jewish background but are investigating Judaism as part of their spiritual development. Other interested individuals may be either current Temple members, or our neighbors from the surrounding towns who seek to enhance their Jewish heritage with greater involvement in worship, Temple activities and education.

The Outreach Committee at Temple Shaari Emeth schedules several discussion sessions throughout the year that present the choices and challenges faced by Jews-by-Choice, intermarried families, and individuals who are trying to strengthen their Jewish identity. The support of their families and the whole Jewish community is actively sought as they pursue their goals.

At the more practical level, Outreach Committee members are available to answer questions or to direct inquiries to the person in our Temple community who can best provide assistance. If desired, an Outreach Committee member will meet with any interested individual to familiarize them with Temple Shaari Emeth worship services and activities.