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Yom Sheini, 4 Sivan 5777

The College Age Youth Committee keeps Shaari Emeth’s college students connected to the temple and to a little bit of “home” during the school year. As the world keeps shrinking through use of the Internet and social media, we periodically reach out to our students via e-mail messages from the Rabbi and Cantor; we send occasional helpful Web links they may enjoy; and we organize multiple mailings around the holidays where they actually have a package of treats or gifts to open. We are also working on ways to help our college kids keep connected with each other – sharing available information with them in a meaningful way.

We welcome your ideas and participation as the year gets underway. Please note that we can only include those students whose parents sign them up and tell us they are out there! The Information Form link is found below, or you can find it in the monthly newsletter, or in paper form in the temple lobby.

Also, be sure to check the bulletin board case in the first hallway for happenings with the College Age Youth Committee. It is newly updated!

College Age Youth Committee:

Jessy Friedman

Hilary Turett

The College Age and Young Adult Committee wants to make sure we stay in touch with our synagogue's young adults. When they are on our special mailing list, they will receive special messages, care packages and various yummy treats throughout the year. Please fill out the information form and return as soon as possible to ensure our community's sons and daughters stay in touch and receive cool stuff.